House of 9 Dragons2022. Site Specific exhibition.
Love Intersections (David Ng & Jen Sungshine), Sylvan Hamburger
Community Parther: Lim Sai Hor Kow Mock Benevolent Association

The House of 9 Dragons is a visual art exhibit that was developed through a  community engaged process, produced by Love Intersections (David Ng and Jen Sungshine), the Lim Sai Hor Kow Mock Benevolent Association and Sylvan Hamburger; featuring oral histories of the Lim Association elders, relief printings of the architecture from the historic building from Sylvan Hamburger, and cultural facilitation by Love Intersections (David Ng and Jen Sungshine). The original exhibit had an attendance of over 450 over 2 days. The art work was installed in the Lim Association Headquarters, the first time this has been done in Vancouver’s Chinatown, and the show was remounted at Massy Gallery in 2023 (Dec 8th 2023 - Feb 22, 2024).

“The House of 9 Dragons is an oral history exhibit that invites audiences to hear, feel, touch, and taste lived stories from the walls of this special heritage building. Born from an intergenerational and cross cultural collaboration, come experience the living history of the Chinatown neighborhood in this special interactive presentation. The exhibit includes texture monoprints of the buildings architecture that were created with Lim Association members, led by Sylvan Hamburger, whose artistic practice involves site-based research, printmaking and installation to examine the relationships between narrative, place and meaning.”

Photos: Maxine Bulloch

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